Face Painting

We use dedicated face painters from our partner company : www.thefacepainters.uk 

By booking these services you will be sure to use a Professional Face Painter who:

  • Observes Health & Safety Guidelines.

  • Adapts to each booking requirement to a) Create quick Face designs in 2-3 mins suitable to fit big crowds in short amount of time or WOW guests with amazing detailled designs created in record time (more suitable for birthday Parties and special occasions for smaller groups)

  • Only work with professional face paints specially formulated for cosmetic use

  • Avoids cross contamination by changing sponges per client, changing regularly dirty water and only working with clean materials and utensils

  • Easy to approach, friendly and understanding of children needs

  • Professional in its field and trustworthy

  • Public Liability Insured

  • CRB registered (even though it is not a legal requirement to face paint)

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London Face Painters_makeupkase-j
London Face Painters_makeupkase-g
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London Face Painters_makeupkase-e
London Face Painters_makeupkase-b
London Face Painters_makeupkase
London Face Painters_makeupkase-d
London Face Painters_makeupkase-oreo
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London Face Painters_makeupkase-cat
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