Events & Party's Promotional Body Art!

If you are looking to offer something very special and create an Event/Party to be remembered, you are definitely in the right page!


We offer other make up related Promotional Activities that will help you advertise your product, create Brand Awareness, and keep your target Audience interested such as Body Painting! 

Music Videos, Fashion Events, Advertising & Promotional Events are all big fan of our Body Painting Services to sucessfully convey their message to their customers.


We also offer tailored Body Art activities such as Temporary Airbrush Tattoos, Glitter Tattoos and Henna (amongst other) to content our older clients at Club promotions, Birthday Parties and Events where you want to cater for a more grown up audience, Mums and Dads too!


These activites are also requested for Teens Batmizvhas and Teens events as they feel part of the fun, yet are not patronised into a toddler's face painting design.


We offer the activites in this page individually or as part of a package deal. Whatever your idea, please let us know;  we will ensure you have the best and right entertainment for your Corporate Event, Employee Day, Summer Faire, Family aimed activity, Private Party, Club or Promotional Campaign.

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